VI Negotiation and Mediation Tournament for Business Professionals


Justice must be on our side.

How to understand these words today?

And this is also considering that the court is not the only place we can go to with our legal dispute.

Perhaps some disputes will soon be resolved online by the algorithms of individual suppliers of goods or services.

But only part. And it's a small one, concerning simple mass transactions. What about the rest?

Most cases are pores based on human emotions. It is people who create relationships and people who destroy them.

A dispute participant can today lead to the fact that his case will not go to court at all.


But why would he do that?

Well, because mediation is faster, cheaper and more effective than court proceedings.

It does not damage business relations, and it is purpose is not only to settle the dispute, but to resolve the underlying conflict and possibly conclude a permanent settlement.

Meet "mediation people", test yourself and improve your workshop.

We propose participation in a tournament based on the confrontation of knowledge theory with practice.

During the tournament, you can take part in two mediation rounds. You can apply as a mediator or proxy. During the ceremonial inauguration of the tournament, we will draw teams for the first round. The jury of the competition, based on the conducted mediations and negotiations, will decide whether who will qualify for the second round - the final round.

Attractive prizes await the winners of the final round.


It's not just a tournament.

There are also lectures and workshops. You will learn the working methods of other mediators and the rules of operation of professional attorneys. You will learn how to counteract manipulation and how to construct settlements.

You will also receive detailed feedback on your actions as mediators or negotiators. 

Advantages for Participants
Mediation Tournament

  • Verification of your competences in the field of economic mediation with the support of professional attorneys and at the same time competing with other mediators
  • Being assessed by a jury composed of experts in the field of mediation and negotiations
  • Getting to know "live" methods of operation of other mediators
  • Building relationships between mediation specialists and potential business clients
  • Participation in an event promoting mediation and negotiation as alternative methods of dispute resolution
  • Developing interpersonal communication and soft skills

Benefits for Mediation Centers
and Other Entities

dealing with training in the field of mediation or conducting mediation - delegating their associates to participate in the tournament:


  • Obtaining feedback on the effectiveness of the mediation procedures and techniques used
  • Involvement in activities aimed at building employee satisfaction
  • Distinction of people delegated by the company to represent it at the tournament
  • Comparing your own workshop and working methods with the methods of other participants
  • Promotion of the company as a center supporting the development of alternative dispute resolution methods.

Don't wait and apply now!

~number of places is limited~

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