Human-to-Human [H2H]!

People Create Relationships, Business-To-Business It's Us!

VI Negotiation and Mediation Tournament for Business Professionals


Why the Negotiation and Mediation Tournament?

We live in times of dynamic and often uncontrolled progress of digitization and work automation as well as the development of artificial intelligence. Advanced CRM and ERM systems, available tools such as e-auctions, big data management or blockchain approaches are more and more widely available options that are to help us manage relationships with business partners, and even replace us humans. Whether we like it or not, this dynamic of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 requires us to adapt to the changing environment.


One thing is for sure! People create relationships, business is H2H - Human-to-Human!


Together with people who believe in the power of H2H relationship in business we decided to create an event at which participants will be able to expand their negotiation skills through case study negotiation games, supported by interesting lectures!

How is it done?

You can take part in a tournament based on the concept of learning through exposure to real negotiation dilemmas - "experiential learning" - the best form of building adult competence. It is through the confrontation of knowledge with practice that you are able to assess how good you are and how good you can be by improving several key areas in your negotiator's workshop!

What do I achieve?

During the tournament, you can take part in two rounds of team negotiation. You can nominate a two or three-person team. Your team will go to one of two draft baskets, from which at the official inauguration of the tournament we will draw pairs for the first round of the tournament. The jury of the competition, based on your negotiations, will decide whether you qualify for the final round. Endless glory and, of course, attractive prizes await the winners of the final round

If you finish your participation in the first round, you will carry on in the event by joining the panel of lectures and workshops. It will be an excellent opportunity to expand your negotiation and mediation competences in cooperation with experts.

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Advantages for Participants
Of Tournament

  • The best possible verification of your competences in negotiations is competition with other teams of professional negotiators
  • Participation in a unique assessment center supervised by jury experts in general management, sales and purchasing
  • A place where you can get inspiration and learn best negotiating practices, strategies and tactics from other expert negotiators
  • An opportunity to networking and building relationships among specialists in the field of Purchasing and Sales
  • The only chance to prove yourself in team negotiations and verify your negotiation team management strategy in the environment of many international companies

Advantages for Employer
delegating employees

  • Obtaining feedback from your employees on the effectiveness of existing internal development programs in the field of negotiations, communication and influencing
  • Opportunity to engage in activities aimed at employees wellbeing and satisfaction
  • A chance to recognize people delegated to represent the company at the tournament
  • A look from the outside, through the prism of other industries, at the culture and processes of your company
  • Promotion of the company at a international business event

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